Massage & Scrub

A unique combination of massage and the medicinal qualities of essential oils inhaled (aroma) and absorbed through the skin to soothe, revitalize and boost the immune system enabling the body to heal itself.

Our signature package. A dynamic duo of cleansing and massage leaving your skin looking radiant and smooth as velvet.

An invigorating scrub and seaweed soap wash that exfoliates the body’s dead skin than rehydrate new cells leaving your skin feeling smooth.

A leafy bundle of oak branches lightly graze your body in one of our hot saunas. The heat and essential oils improve blood circulation and metabolism as well as depress the growth of pathogens.

Indulges the body with pure honey, almonds and fresh buttermilk. This natural cleanser and exfoliator is massaged on the skin, helping to purify and slough off dead skin cells.

Indulge in a unique treatment of heated and polished basalt lava stones applied to key points creating the ultimate relaxation.

Enjoy a healthful and stimulating experience for tired feet by applying pressure to specific points. Great for reducing stress, migraines, and inducing deep relaxation.

Olea Sea Spa Glow body and foot exfoliator creates an essential deep pore cleansing from head to toe. Removes rough dry skin, leaving skin smooth and refreshed.

Shiatsu Massage


Try our “finger pressure” massage of applied pressure at key points which produces deep relaxation, increases energy levels, and brings the body back to balance.

Sports Massage


Deep tissue therapeutic techniques perfected by BRC to reduce inflammation and distress injured muscles.

Swedish Massage


A light pressure massage great for relaxation, improving blood flow and releasing toxins from the muscles.