Explore Russian Dry Sauna


Improves complexion and circulation while relieving stress, pain and minor illnesses. The intense heat in this sauna will rejuvenate your body from head to toe.

Explore Russian Wet Sauna


Soothing steam vapor created by splashing water on heated stones. Russian Wet Sauna opens pores, releases toxins and relaxes tense muscles. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned “banya” visitor, please enjoy a greatly beneficial Broom Body Massage which promotes good blood circulation and versatile body wellbeing.

Explore Turkish Sauna


An authentic traditional Turkish Steam sauna. This Sauna will infuse the body with moisture, best way to distress and treat your skin during dry and cold seasons.

Explore Aromatherapy Sauna


Steam Sauna enhanced with aromatic oils to increase relaxation, and create a sense of well being. This sauna promotes weight loss, skin treatment, muscle relaxation and elimination of toxins never felt so good or have been so easily achieved.



Strengthens immune system. Removes toxic materials from the body. Relaxes Tired Muscles; Improves Circulation. Cleanses the skin. Opens pores. Enhances weight loss. With massage, fights cellulite.



158-194 degrees Fahrenheit; can vary to 140-248 degrees Fahrenheit.

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