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Our staff and chefs are hand selected to bring you the best service with the finest cuisine from the freshest ingredients.

BRC Day Spa & Sauna Resort is a CO-ED family friendly facility, therefore proper swimsuit attire is required. We have Men’s swim shorts to rent and Female suits for purchase to whomever may need one. Towels and sandals are provided with the admission cost, robes may be rented from the front desk for customer convenience.


    • Adults$55
    • Children up to 11 yo$27.50
    • 10 Visit Card$500
    • 30 Visit Card$1400
    • 50 Visit Card$2250


Admission grants you access to our Aroma, Wet and Dry Saunas, Steam Room, Ice Cold Plunge, Junior Olympic Lap Pool, Jacuzzi and the Relaxation Room. We also have Smart TV’s throughout the premises and we offer free WiFi as well. Everything you order, such as food, services, drinks, etc, are applied to your locker number and is paid for when you check out. Each customer is required to leave his/her valuables in a deposit safe associated with their locker number (this can be keys, phone, wallet, jewelry, etc), in order to prevent guests from leaving their belongings behind.




BRC Day Spa & Sauna Resort’s concept is to provide our guests with the ultimate luxurious experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the tristate area. We strive to make sure every aspect of your stay is pure perfection. Our facilities are state of the art and our design creates an ambiance that will have you losing track of time.






clients say

Dinner was delicious. We had chicken fingers, fries, chicken wings, shrimps, salads and veggies. The facility holds numerous rooms. All rooms were spacious enough for my group of seven. Everyone from employees to other clients were so friendly. Great environment. My favorite was the aroma room followed by the cold plunge. This was a very relaxing and refreshing spa. I recommend purchasing a Groupon voucher.

Vanesa F.

I love this spa.
It's a bit out of the way for me. Seeing how I live in New York. But aye the trip is worth it. I'll be back and when I come back I gotta master that ice plunge. If you're reading this YOU MUST TRY THE ICE PLUNGE!! The longest I did was 4 seconds.

Ahmad D.

I've missed this place.. we commute two hours to get here and it's well worth it. Like any favorable establishment, could get quite packed on weekends so try to come during the week. Very relaxing, many treatments and saunas to choose from, family friendly (my five year old didn't want to leave) and the food is finger lickin good. Impressed with how clean they keep the place considering it's size.

Alexandra C.